Greetings and Welcome!

My man Odin, figuring out life’s mysteries.

Greetings fellow wanderers and welcome to True Viking Wisdom!

I’m starting up this website to write about things that I have learned over the years that have personally improved my life in some way.  I believe that by sharing my experiences in writing, that I can help others get more out of their lives and perhaps we can all learn a bit more along the way.

Why Should I Read This Blog?

The obvious question that you may be asking as you have stumbled onto this site is “what is in it for me?”, or perhaps “why should I waste my valuable time listening to some anonymous guy on the internet?”  Both excellent questions!

I believe that I can make your visit worth your while by sharing tips on how I’ve managed to cut years off of my working life through simple changes in the way I was doing things.  I’ve come up with tweaks to my lifestyle that have not only saved me thousands of dollars per year pain and sacrifice free, but left me far healthier, stronger, and even smarter than I was before simply thinking about why I was doing things in the old ways.

Ok, Sounds Interesting, What Will You Write About?

I plan on sharing some of these easy ideas with everyone so that they can help reach their personal goals in less time than they believed they could.  I plan on sharing ideas and action plans regarding personal finance and investing, lifestyle hacks that will make you healthier and wealthier, advice on things that you might consider helpful to buy, and more importantly, what you don’t need to waste your money on in order to get life back into a balance.  Learn what’s important, why we’re doing things that we’re doing, what we need to get there, and then enjoying a better life in the process.

Why Call it True Viking Wisdom?

It is my belief that we spend far too little of our time reflecting on what it is that is important to us, and why we do the things that we do.  One of my inspirational mythical figures happen to be Odin from Norse mythology, who leads a life dedicated to seeking wisdom and the secret meanings behind all things.  While Odin’s personal path led to some harsh sacrifices, I believe the True Viking Wisdom need not be so difficult to pursue.

That’s the intro in a nutshell. Grab some brew, caffeinated or otherwise, and listen to a tale or two.

Welcome to the journey friends, let’s see how we can make the most of it shall we?